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The Basics of Color

feature-1I realized that there are many different types of color out there. It can be a lot to take in and confusing at times, so here are the basics. There are three main types of color: primary, secondary, and tertiary.


The primary colors are simple. They include the colors red, yellow, and blue. They are unique because they are the only colors that cannot be created by mixing other colors. They are bold and are often used in home color decor as a way to present an urgent or strong emotion. White and black could be considered primary as well, though they are not strictly speaking colors. Primary colors are often used as accents in home décor because they are normally quite vibrant.


Secondary colors are the colors created by mixing the primary colors (not including white and black). To create a secondary color, equal amounts of two different primary colors are mixed. For example, red and blue combined in equal amounts make purple, blue and yellow make green, etc. There are only three secondary colors: purple, orange, and green.

Tertiary Colors

And then there are tertiary colors. These are made by combining equal amounts of primary and secondary colors, so that they lean in the direction of one of the primary colors. feature-2You could also look at it as being 3/4 one primary color and 1/4 of another. There are six of these: yellow-orange, red-orange, yellow-green, red-violet, blue-green, and blue-violet.


Once you have a color then you can add mixed levels of white and black to give you a virtually unlimited palette of colors. You can get light colors, dark colors, and tones when adding gray. The list is endless. I hope this site can help you sort through all of that and understand the complexities involved.

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